Application forms

TSW2020 Application Forms

To order the exhibition space and additional services, please download the attached pdf forms, fill them, sign and return at: tsw@tsw.targi.pl. 

Application forms:

Form AB - Application for participation in fairs DOWNLOAD PDF
Form C - Registration for co-exhibitors DOWNLOAD PDF
Form D - Registration for external constructor of the stand DOWNLOAD PDF
Form E - Form of ordering additional equipment DOWNLOAD PDF


  1. Sending the enter to the list of Exhibitors:- 30th November 2019
  2. Sub-exhibitor's application - 30th November 2019
  3. Deadline for all applicable payments - 9th December 2019
If You use external contractor for stand construction you should until 30th October 2019:
  1. Send to the Organizer's office stand plans for approval.
  2. Inform the Organizer about construction exceeding the height of 2,5m
  3. Submit documents certifying the fire protection elements used in the construction and equipment of the stand.
Information and application:
  • Olga Chachulska, tel. +48 508 618 298, e-mail: o.chachulska@oikos.net.pl
  • Sylwia Rdzanek, tel. +48 609 783 332. e-mail: s.rdzanek@oikos.net.pl