Professor Pieniazek Prize

fot.2_statuetka_nagrodaWe are pleased to announce that Prof. Pieniazek's Prize will be awarded for the seventh time during the TSW 2020. The jury will award products, which are most innovative and beneficial for gardening, environment and society, reported by the Exhibitors and Sub-exhibitors.

Applications are accepted until 19th December 2019, noon.

The immediate aim of the competition is to promote and reward the products / machines / services used in the orchardry or vegetable production, innovative, environmentally friendly and significantly supporting the horticultural production, improving the work, affecting the improving of economic performance of horticultural farm.

Application forms:

The competition, under the premise of the organizers is to promote products that make a significant contribution to the development of Polish horticulture.

Competition organizer appoints the Chapter of Prof. Pieniazek's Prize which consists of:
1. prof. dr hab. Małgorzata Korbin (Skierniewice Hirticultural Instisute Director)
2. dr inż. Grzegorz Doruchowski (Skierniewice Horticultural Institute)
3. dr inż. Adam Ekielski (Faculty of Production Engineering Warsaw Unversity of Life Sciences),
4. Witold Boguta (Chairman of National Union of Fruit and Vegetables Producers Groups)
5. Adam Fura (Director of Sandomierz Agricultural Advisory Centre)
6. Mariusz Podymniak (Hortus Media Sp. z o.o.)
7. Jacek Kłudka (Chairman of OIKOS Publishing House)

The Chairman of the Competition Jury will be chosen of these people members.

Fot.1 Kapitula Konkursu