Please find below the list of last edition's topics. The list for the next edition will be published when avaiable.

January 11th, 2017 (Wednesday)

Room 1 – Strawberry conference (10.00 - 15.00)

10:00–10:25 – Methods for effective control of mites – Wojciech Piotrowski (chemical and biological), Skierniewice Horticultural Institute

10:25–11:00 – The influence of the type of plants and the time of their planting on the yield of strawberries – Antonio Ferraresi, Vivai Mazzoni

11.00–11.20 – Why is it more and more difficult to control gray mold in strawberries? – dr Mirosław Korzeniowski, Bayer

11.20–11.40 – Fertigation as an important element of building crop of strawberries - Zbigniew Marek, Timac Agro Polska

11.40–12.10 – Requirements made to strawberries sold to retail chains – Mirosław Maziarka, Amplus

12.10–12.50 – New technologies and varieties for repeating crops – Maria Mauel, Haygrove (Germany)

12:50–13:20 – Nutrition treatments supporting strawberries protection – dr hab. Zbigniew Jarosz, Agricutural University of Lublin


13.40–14.10 – Noteworthy new varieties on European market – Jeremy Darby, Horticulture Technical Advisor, Meiosis (UK)

14.10–14.30 – Exclusive rights to plant varieties – Joanna Pabiniak, Legal Advisor and Arkadiusz Kamiński, Legal Advisor.

14.30–15.30 – DEBATE – Varieties of strawberries and market requirements: debate participants - Paweł Dąbrowski (Agronom Berrys), Adam Borzęcki (Boryna), Mariusz Padewski (Delphy), Markus Staden (Krege, Niemcy). Moderator: Mariusz Podymniak:

15.30 – Recapitulation of conference
Room 2 (300 seats)  – Indoor-growing conference - 10.00 - 15.00
10:00 - 10:25 Technical novelties in greenhouse crops: tomato, cucumber, lettuce. Paweł Strauchmann, Rijk Zwaan Polska.

10:25 - 10:50 Tomato market in Europe  (Is growing tomatoes with artificial light profitable? Why is the acreage of illuminated plantations in Netherlands rising?). Marcin  Mech, Rijk Zwaan Polska.

10:50 - 11:15 The strong brand - branding as the key to improving the profitability of crops. Przemysław Opioła and Marcin Mech, Rijk Zwaan Polska.

11:15 - 11:40 New threats in greenhouses, among others - Tuta Absoluta - a real problem. TBRFV - another disease and its dangers. Paweł Strauchmann, Rijk Zwaan Polska.

11:40 - 12:05 Greenhouse cucumber - the selection of varieties for the type of production. Wojciech Wasiak, Rijk Zwaan Polska.

12:05 - 12:30 Coffee break

13:00-13:30 The role of light in the production of seedlings and cultivation of peppers under cover - Dr inż. Gabriela Wyżgolik, Indoor Growing School.

13:40-14:10 Physiological disorders in pepper crops under cover - Dr inż. Anna Kołton, Agricutural University in Kraków.

14:20-14:50 Pests and the ways of pest control in pepper crops under cover. Dr inż. Maria Rogowska, State Higher Vocational School of Skierniewice.

15:00-15:30 Diseases of pepper crops under cover. Dr hab. Czesław Ślusarski, retired worker of Skierniewice Horticultural Institute.
Room 3 – Orchard Economic Forum -  10:00 - 15:30

10.00 – 10.05 – The opening of Orchard Economic Forum.

10.05– 10.40 - Polish fruit market in the light of the Russian embargo -   dr Bożena Nosecka, Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics, Warsaw

10.40– 11.15 - Our apples today and tomorrow – prof. dr hab. Eberhard Makosz, The Society for Promotion of Dwarf Fruit Orchards, Lublin

11.15– 11.50 - How to produce, how to prepare the product to get the expected results on new markets –  mgr inż. Waldemar Żółcik, UNIA OWOCOWA / FRUIT UNION

11.50 – 12.25 – Usage of fruits by the fruit processing industry -  mgr inż. Julian Pawlak, KUPS / Polish Association of Juice Producers.

12.25 – 13.15 - Internet platform as a future of fresh fruit and vegetables trade? - Rafał Kosiński Service2Fruit Polska, Michał Lachowicz Chairman of  Appolonia, Randy Dijskman Representative of Service2Fruit Netherlands.

13.15– 14.15 – Debate ( dr Bożena Nosecka, prof. Eberhard Makosz, Mirosław Maliszewski,  Waldemar Żółcik,  Julian Pawlak, Rafał Kosiński, Michał Lachowicz)

14.15 – Summary of Orchard Economic Forum.


January 12th,  2017 (Thursday)
Room 1 – Orchardry conference – 10:00 - 15:30
Room 2 –  Field vegetables conference - 10:00 - 15:30
Room 3 – 250 osób – Conference: „New species in orchardry - opportunities and prospects”. Leader – Dr hab. inż. Anna Bieniek

10:00 – 10:35 Rode fruits - attractive offer for horticulture and source of health-promoting compounds. Dr hab. Bożena Matysiak, Skierniewice Horticultural Institute.
10:35 – 11:10 New varieties and cultivation technologies of blackberries. Dr Agnieszka Orzeł, Niwa Brzezna.

11:10 - 11.45 Commodity crop Mini Kiwi - opportunities and threats. Dr hab. Piotr Latocha, Faculty of Horticulture, Biotechnology and Landscape Architecture, Department of Environment Protection, Warsaw University of Life Sciences.

11:45 – 12:30 Status and prospects of growing dogwood edible. Prof. dr hab. Svetlana  Klymenko, Head of Berry Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Division in the National Botanical Garden of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev.

12:30 – 13:00 Coffee break.
13:00 – 13:35 Studies on the Saskatoon serviceberry conducted at the Skierniewice Horticultural Institute. Dr hab. S. Pluta, mgr  inż. Ł. Seliga, prof. dr hab. E. Żurawicz, Department of Horticultural Plant Breeding, Skierniewice Horticultural Institute.
13:35 - 14:10 Sea Buckthorn - the selection of varieties and cultivation technology. Dr Maryna Shalkevich, Belarusian Institute of Pomology in Samochwałowicze by Mińsk, Belarus
14:10 – 14:45 Cherry Silverberry - perspective plant orchard. Dr hab. inż. Anna Bieniek, Department of Horticulture, University of Warmia and Mazury, Olsztyn.
Sala 4 –  VIII National Forum of Fruit and Vegetable Producing Groups - 10:00 - 15:00
Note: A detailed plan of the conference may be slightly changed.